Your cooking book meets Artificial Intelligence

Works with

  • Android & iOS

  • Amazon Alexa*

  • Google Home*

  • Kitchen appliances

*Amazon Alexa is a trademark of Amazon Technologies, Inc.
*Google Home is a trademark of Google Inc.

Get ready for the revolution!

Your cooking experience will never be the same. Hop in the wagon! Artificial intelligence is here to stay and it can be helpful in several ways. One of these ways is how you manage and cook your recipes. You will no longer need to spend hours planning your weekly meals. Cuisine.AI does that for you with the help of voice assistants and kitchen appliances.

Cuisine.AI will help you cook your munchies, manage your groceries and plan your weekly meals according to your own preferences.

  • On a special diet? That’s ok, Cuisine.AI will take that in mind.
  • Lactose intolerant? Check!
  • Always have to cook for 4 people? That’s fine.

Join the revolution and save time for what really matters.

Voice and video recipes

You can prepare dishes step-by-step using our tailored just for you voice and video assistants, be it Android or iOS, Google Home or Amazon Alexa!

Meal suggestions

Ask for meal suggestions according to what you feel like having. Need a cake recipe? Got it, just wait two seconds. Feel like having a vegan meal tonight? Let’s go for it!

Meal plans

Easily plan meals according to your preferences. These include restrictions such as gluten or lactose intolerances, the size of your family and your caloric intake needs.

Inventory management

We can keep record of your ingredients, suggesting recipes according to what is available at the moment and helping you to effortlessly manage your pantry.

  • General recipe suggestions
  • Suggestions according to what you have available at home
  • Step-by-step recipe instructions by text
  • Video instructions (via companion app)
  • Voice instructions (via Amazon Alexa/Google Home)
  • Personal profile
  • Inventory management
  • Shopping lists
  • Weekly meal planning
  • Intolerances control (Lactose, gluten, …)
  • Recipe categories (Vegetarian, vegan, pescitarian, …)
  • Cooking timer
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Connectivity to Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Connectivity to kitchen appliances
  • Connectivity to mcommerce apps and ecommerce websites

About Cuisine.AI

Cuisine.AI is a platform unlike any other. An exciting new Xarevision investment, Cuisine.AI is an artificial intelligence-based system that has been carefully tailored using more than 10 years of firsthand experience in AI and online/mobile business ventures. Our team carefully brings what you need together in a revolutionary new cooking and meal planning system, by just using your mobile phone and Amazon Alexa/Google Home.

Move beyond what’s traditional and aim for the future, always and every day. Make your cooking experience as fun and easy as you want with Cuisine.AI.

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